A Ride for Every Ocassion

Whether you are performing seismic surveys, running supplies, filming a documentary or taking aerial pictures, HELIBOL has the helicopter for you. After a careful analysis of elements like terrain features (hot/high), types of loads (payload requirements), and tasks to be performed, we recommend the type of helicopters that we believe offers the ideal combination of seating and payload capabilities appropriate to the task.

HELIBOL provides helicopter support to geophysical exploration programs in search of oil & gas across Bolivia. Among many things, its helicopters move seismic recording equipment, crews and drill riggs.



HELIBOL provides support to grass-roots mineral exploration programs in some of the most remote areas of South America. Its helicopters carry out exploration geology, geophysical surveys, transport mineral samples, move drills and support field camps for the mining industry.

Oil & Gas

HELIBOL has the capacity to provide rapid response to environmental crisis in remote areas. The aircrafts deploy emergency response teams and clean-up equipment, to avert potential environmental disasters.


HELIBOL provides aerial camera platforms for television and movie industries. Our aircrafts frequently appear in front or behind the camera.


HELIBOL provides a Bolivian style adventure like no one else. Our tourism services include: spectacular site-seeing tours and transportation of hikers to remote areas of breath-taking beauty.


Other Services

  • Remote Heliportable Operations
  • Seismic Acquisition Projects
  • Support Medical Emergency
  • MEDEVAC Services
  • Internal and External Cargo Delivery
  • Construction/Inspection/Survey
  • Drilling Projects Support
  • Film and photography work
  • Search & Rescue
  • Geological Field Work
  • Personnel Transport
  • VIP Transport
  • Tourism & Sightseeing
  • Aeromagnetics