HELIBOL utilizes well trained and highly experienced pilots and mechanics in the vertical reference mode (long-line), to enhance safety and minimize environmental impact in remote operations, thus, allowing delivery of materials and equipment to drop zones instead of heliports. For enhanced safety and direct flight to work sites, all our aircrafts are outfitted with: GPS receivers, satellite tracking systems, ELT 406 series, survival kits, etc. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects, as it is our philosophy that every job has a unique set of parameters that demand a careful and detailed analysis about the program, terrain features (hot/high), types of loads (payload requirements), and tasks to be performed.

This analysis will allow us to recommend what type of helicopters we believe offers the ideal combination of seating and payload capabilities appropriate to the task.

BELL-212 (Bi-motor)


13 pax + 2 crew

Max External Load 1.200 kg.
VNE, Max. Air Speed 130 KIAS
Endurance 2.2 hrs
Hover Ceiling OGE 12.000ft.

EUROCOPTER SA 315B LAMA (Mono-motor)


4 pax + 1 crew
Max External Load 850kg.
VNE, Max. Air Speed 113 knots.
Endurance 2.5 hrs
Hover Ceiling OGE 15.100ft