The Right Experience, Aircraft and Personnel 

HELIBOL is an experienced onshore air logistic support company that specializes in remote heliportable operations. Since its inception in 1988, the company has provided the highest industry standards in safety, reliability and cost-effective operations in the most challenging and hostile geographical environments.

HELIBOL provides air logistic support for the exploration and production of energy, supporting seismic surveys, drilling programs, geological field work, transport of personnel, internal/external cargo to the Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction industries.

The key to HELIBOL’s success is simple: a well trained and highly experienced team. Thanks to the best-in-class pilots and mechanics it works with, the company is able to enhance safety on its full range of operations. These include: jungle, high-altitude, search & rescue and medevac operations. The vertical reference “long-line” mode in remote operations minimize the environmental impact by utilizing “drop zones” to deliver materials and equipment without the use of heliports.

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Internationally Audited and Approved

HELIBOL meets all (OGP) industry standards. As a result the company has been audited and approved by all its clients that include major US and foreign oil companies that do business in the region.

An Experienced Team

Rapid and Timely Responses

Our direct channels of communication with our international network, enables rapid and timely responses to any situation. Consequently, technicians, repair parts, components, tools and technical advice are only a call away.

Expert Advice

We believe every job has a unique set of parameters that demand detailed analysis. As a mission partner, HELIBOL recommends what type of helicopters offers the ideal combination of seating and payload capabilities appropriate to the task.